Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hola Familia and Friends! Argentina CCM Week 4

Funny story, we went proselyting on Saturday. My companion and I don't really like knocking on doors, bad I know, but that is not the point. We decided to knock on a few doors, but the ones we knocked on for the most part didn't answer. Quick note: we aren't really knocking on doors it is more of clapping at gates, or ringing buzzers at gates. Anyway, finally we ring a buzzer and we can see someone through the window coming towards the door. This is the first door to answer, so we were really nervous. It was my companions turn to talk because I had rung the bell. But instead of coming to the door he goes to the window next to the door and slides it open. He isn't wearing a shirt and his hair was wet. Immediately I realize that he wasn't dressed, but my companion, Hermana Larsen, hadn't realized it yet. She just starts talking and introduced us and asked if we could share a message. The entire time I was thinking, “Oh no, oh no” and “What do I do?” But the guy said something in Spanish, and then gestured down at himself saying that he didn't have clothing on. At this point Hermana Larsen finally realizes that he wasn't dressed and that he was in fact, “Butt naked nasty.” We were embarrassed and were like, “Okay, adios.” We turned and walked away. It was just our luck that the first person to answer their door was butt naked.
Another guy we talked to, and let me just tell you that we didn't have much of any real success, mostly it didn't go so well. But there was this one guy who was excited to talk to us and we were kind of flustered with everything that had been going on we were not prepared to actually have someone that wanted to talk to us about religion, and not about us being from the United States that we forgot everything. We explained who we were, gave him a pamphlet about the gospel and that was it. We forgot to ask for contact information. We didn't offer him a Book of Mormon. We didn't share too much, just short testimonies, and called it good. I know that testimonies are really good to share, but we could have done more. Hopefully he will take the initiative to find out more about the church. Maybe other missionaries will find him.
So my companion and I say hola or hello to everyone we see on the street. We asked our teacher if we had bad accents because every time we said como esta to people on the streets they never answer. We were wondering if they just couldn't understand us. So when we asked our instructor, Hermano Cantron, if we had bad accents he just laughed and laughed. I think that meant yes.
Another story worth telling is one about a man in a car. We say hola to everyone. Whether they are biking, walking, playing, working, driving, whatever. We said it to a man who was driving past us. We smile big because we are excited about the gospel. He stared at us for a moment, shocked I think, before smiling and waving back. We thought, that was nice, he waved back and kept walking. When we turned the corner his car pulls up beside us and he starts talking to us. I think he thought we wanted something because we waved. We then explained that we were missionaries of the LDS church. We then explained a little about the Book of Mormon and offered him a copy. He said that he didn't have time to read it and started asking us about the US. He asked where we were staying, and a bunch of other dumb questions. We kept trying to bring it back to the gospel, but with our limited Spanish it was kind of hard. So we just offered him a pamphlet and he said he would read it. We then asked him for the directions to his house so other missionaries could come visit him and he said yes. I was so excited, but apparently he didn't understand us because he wanted our address, and phone number. When we told him we didn't have a phone, he basically called us liars. At this point both Hermana Larsen and I were like this is pointless, we need to leave. Every time we would go to leave he would move his car with us and keep asking us questions. He asked if we needed a ride anywhere, and where we lived. He kept asking if we wanted to come and eat at his place. The more I think about it the more I think that it could have ended badly. Finally, after wasting 30 minutes on him we were able to leave. I saw it as wasted time because I don't think he wanted anything to do with the church, he was just a creeper or something. At the time I didn't feel uneasy, and I think the spirit would have told us to get out of there fast if something bad was really going to happen.
Our schedule must really be from revelation . It seems that every time we mess up with something in our investigator progressive we get a lesson that is written on the schedule on how to fix said problem. Kinda cool. On Sunday we the North Americans and a few others got to sing. There were six musical numbers. The North Americans did three of them. There were a lot more Latinos than North Americans. We didn't sound so great. I felt kinda bad.

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